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A court interpreter is a translator authorized by the institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina to provide translation services and that translation is considered to be internationally recognized as the signature and seal of a court interpreter confirm the identity of the translation with the original.
Court interpreter means for interpretation and (written) translation. If you need quality translations of official documents in the shortest possible time, please contact via email or phone number that is listed contact.
You can personally bring the documents for the translation or send via postal or e-mail.
All documents and information are subject to professional and personal record keeping. References and recommendations with companies which are involved in business cooperation is exclusively delivered on behalf of your request and with the approval of businesses.

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Indira Čilić-Lončar

Court interpreter for the German language

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Translation is performed from one of the official languages in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian) into German language and vice versa.

Translation of official documents

A certified translation of personal documents, such as: birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, proof of citizenship, citizenship certificates, certificates/testimonial and diplomas, work cards, certificates of bank account, residence certificates, certificates of place of residence, certificates of good conduct, certificates of marriage, power of attorneys, statements, biographies, driving licenses and other personal documents.

Certified translations of legal documents: laws and by-laws, resolutions, credentials, certificates, decisions, lawsuits, contracts, regulations, instructions, records, apostille, strategies and action plans and other legal documents.

Certified translations of documents of businesses, such as: diagnosis, findings and opinions of doctors, disease history, recipes and other documents.

Certified translations of technical documentation, such as: technical specifications, general project, preliminary project, detailed design/project, architectural project, project construction, project installation, elaborations and other technical documentation.

Translation without certification

image name Translations without certification are: biographies, scientific works, literature, brochures, flyers, presentations, price lists, catalogs, brochures, manuals, web pages, directives, business correspondence, technical and scientific texts, essays, papers, seminar, graduation and other works, motivational letters, letters of recommendation and the like.

Services of verbal consecutive and simultaneous translation * of court interpreter:

image name - business meetings or negotiations
- contracting new business with foreign partners
- translations in court and legal proceedings
- meetings with the presence of a lawyer
- meetings with the notary
- meetings of the supervisory or audit committee
- translating at weddings (foreign nationals))

*Note: For simultaneous translation materials must be submitted 7 days prior to engagement for the preparation and quality of the translation.


*prices are in KM (BAM) under Tariff prize for work of court interpreters


Tariff item 1.

1. For translation of letters from one of the official languages in the Republika Srpska into a foreign language:
- for each written up to 15 lines - 12,00 KM (6,15 €),
- for a letter that has more than 15 lines, for each typed line - 0.80 KM (0.41 €).

2. For the translation of documents from a foreign language into one of the official languages in the Republika Srpska:
- for each written up to 15 lines - 14,00 KM (7,17 €),
- for a letter that has more than 15 lines, for each typed line - 0.90 KM (0.46 €).

3. For translation of documents from a foreign language into another foreign language:
- for each written up to 15 lines - 24,00 KM (12,30 €),
- for a letter that has more than 15 lines, for each typed line - 1,20 KM (0.61 €).

a) the reward from this tariff number is calculated in the order of translation of the typed text, with the beginning of the account line as a whole line,
b) for the translation of documents with complex scientific or professional-technical content, the prize may be increased up to a maximum of 50%,
v) for the examination and certification of a translation made by another person, the court interpreter is entitled to half of the award from this tariff number.

Tariff item 2.

1. For interpretation at the request of bodies, other legal entities, citizens:
- for one hour of translation - 30,00 KM (15,38 €),
- to start the hour at least - 10,00 KM (5,12 €).


Court interpreters are entitled to compensation for costs, as well as the right to compensation for lost earnings.
Reimbursement of costs and remuneration for lost earnings and other costs are determined in accordance with the regulations on reimbursement of witnesses and experts in civil and criminal proceedings.



1 standard page = 1800 characters with spaces

daily norm for the translation of written texts translation is 6 pages per day

document of public institutions (certified translation)

1 standard page

20  – 30 KM
(10.25 – 15.35 €)

other written material (certified translation)

1 standard page

20 KM
(10.25 €)

other written material (without certification)

1 standard page

20 KM
(10.25 €)

complex scientific and technical texts

to translate complex scientific and technical texts price may be increased to 50%


for urgent translation services cost increases by 50% of the total cost of translation


1 standard page = 1500 characters with spaces[1]

daily norm for the proof-reading is 12 standard pages per day

Type 1: PPT presentations, all types of administrative documents, biographies, websites and the like.

1 standard page

1 – 4 KM
(51 Cent – 2.05 €)

Type 2: project documentation, popular and scientific texts, texts from various fields, plans and assessments

1 standard page

5 – 7 KM
(2.60 – 3.60 €)

Type 3: doctoral thesis, strategies, action plans, graduate and master's works, beletristika and essays, laws and regulations

1 standard page

8 – 10 KM
(4.10 – 5.15 €)

for proof-reading between 13 and 17 standard pages per day (within 24 hours)

urgent tax (50% more)

proof-reading of 18 or more standard pages per day (within 24 hours)

urgent tax (100% more)

[1] According to the opinion the Association of translators and interpreters of Bosna and Herzegovina-


Indira Čilić-Lončar
image name Professor of Bosnian language and literature and German language and literature
Court interpreter for the German language
Lector for Bosnian language


Suljo Čilić 10, Gornja Kolonija
Jablanica, 88420, BiH

+387-61-327-427 +387-61-327-427



Copy editing is a process of careful reading, identifying and eliminating all kinds of style, grammar and spelling errors in the text and standardization of terminology in the text. Copy editing includes word processing in accordance with the linguistic norms of modern standard language.

Along with the copy editing, proofreading of texts is also done, i.e. the removal of spelling, punctuation, letter and other typographical and technical errors.

For proof-reading the price is calculated according to the standard page, which serves as the basis for calculation.

Narko-NE - The Association for the Prevention of Addiction

Open Europe Consulting

Peace Building Network


Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry

Datamatics Global Services Ltd.

International Centre for Children and Youth „Fortis“

Turkish LOT house, Jablanica (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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